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I’m Cathy, and I started Gentle Paleo after living for decades in the diet craziness I just described here. Having gastroparesis and Adhesion Related Disorder (my abdominal organs are fused together with adhesions), I was desperate to find a way of eating that would make me strong again, but I just couldn’t find one. Meanwhile, I was becoming sicker and sicker. I had been eating paleo/low-carb 

for years, and I loved it, but as my diseases advanced, it got to where I couldn’t digest the high protein, high fat, high-density foods I was living on (chicken breasts, steak, cream cheese, heavy fats, etc). When I eliminated those foods and opted for more vegetables and other non-meat proteins (like almond flour), I packed on the weight, started having serious digestive trouble, and maxed out my daily pain tolerance (which is unusually high). I was baffled and sick and needed help.

Like anyone with a health question, I went to my doctor for help. When I asked what I should eat because paleo/low-carb foods weren’t working for me any anymore, he told me to eat what I could tolerate, “like mashed potatoes, ice cream, saltines, and white bread.”

And he was serious.

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Dead set against that because of the high fermentability of starches, I developed an eating plan I called “Gentle Paleo” because it combined the best aspects of both paleo and very low-calorie eating. I figured I could digest about 100 calories at a time without much trouble, and if they were paleo calories, I’d meet my nutrition requirements without a problem and get finally get strong again.


In the first three months, I lost 35 pounds, my pain level decreased by about 75%, and my digestion became textbook perfect. Now, 10 years later, I still eat 600-700 calories a day and zero to 10 carbs a day, and my bloodwork and medical checkups are excellent. I feel strong, healthy, and I’m at my correct weight again (back at my high school weight).

A Disclaimer

Note: Everybody is different. You will have a unique take on the suggestions you find here, and that’s to be expected. These are the chronicles of my journey, and I’m not trying to be your doctor or play one on the internet. Remember to check with your medical professional about anything health-related you find here to see if it’s right for you.

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