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Finding information about the gentle paleo lifestyle is challenging, because, in a way, we live counter-cultural. We don’t do the heavy fats, high calories, high residue veggies, or dense meats that are part of the regular paleo diet; we live with particular lifestyle rules, like living low-stress whenever possible (hold the drama), and we try to maintain moderate schedules; we like our clothes flattering and comfortable, but not clingy, because we don’t want to be self-conscious about how we look.

Its been frustrating trying to write about these topics because I could only tackle one at a time, and the information is critically important to many of us. So, this week, I came up with this format. I’ve assembled headlines that pertain to our lifestyle so you can scan through and read about things that matter to you. That gets you further down the road toward your health goals than if you had to go out and find the info yourself, or wait on articles by me or someone else to address those things individually. As far as recipes go, I’ll post others’ recipes that fit our criteria but also keep developing them on my own. They’re not so easy to come by.

Here are some of the alt paleo, the “Gentle Paleo,” topics that are publishing now. I’ll scour the web each week and bring you news whenever it shows up on the web, plus, I’ll cover headlines that are foundational to our health and never go out of style.

Note: the recipes I’m posting  are  Gentle Paleo, so they’re sugar-free, low-cal, low-carb, low-residue, low-fat, low-density, and (mostly) dairy free. If you see some that use milk, sub it out with your non-dairy milk of choice.

Is there a topic not here that you’d like to read about? Leave me a note and I’ll find the info for you.

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