About the Soft Foods Digest

About the Soft Foods Digest, and You


Here’s what you need to know about the Soft Foods Digest. People who follow a liquid-soft diet usually do it for one of three reasons: a long-term medical condition, a short-term medical or dental condition, or to go on a Very-Low-Calorie Diet (VLCD). Any of us can be successful with a Paleo-soft food plan as long as we have nourishing food that tastes good, a community of friends to support us, and

While the Soft Foods Digest was originally written for people with digestive issues, the recipes appeal to those who can but don’t eat regular food, for whatever reason. They’re protein-rich, easy to digest, and very low-calorie. And the recipes come together quickly, which is good for people (like me) who can’t stand for hours (or even half-hours) in the kitchen or just don’t have time to. And, whenever possible, I use ingredients that you can find at any grocery store.

You gotta know up front that this site isn’t like most foodie sites. In fact, it’s not at all about the celebration of food, it’s about the celebration of life and feeling good. America is obsessed with food, and some say, we’re even addicted to it. But here, it’s just a thing. I want it to taste good, sure, but I don’t want to glorify it or to teach you how to manipulate it so you can eat a ton of it because that doesn’t solve the problem. We need to live above food. I to see people who don’t feel good to feel strong again while eating food that tastes good bu

About the Recipes

First, a word of warning: the Soft Foods Digest might not appeal to the food “purist,” or to the one looking for a way to reproduce textures or tastes without white flour or sugar. Yes, the recipes are low-carb, don’t include grains, sugar, aspartame, fruit, legumes, or soy, and are as chemical-free as possible. In these respects, they are Paleo. But they also omit dairy, are low-sodium, low-residue, are extremely low-fat, and don’t use coconut flour (it absorbs too much liquid once it’s ingested which is risky for some of us), and they’re always low-calorie. On those points, they’re not Paleo. I try to stay as true to eating clean as I can, but you gotta know that I still have days when I’m too sick to cook and just I eat Campbell’s low-fat soup, cold, straight out of the can.

About the Blog

I have two chronic intestinal diseases: Adhesion Related Disorder (ARD), and gastroparesis (paralysis of the stomach). The gastroparesis is the result of the ARD because my abdominal core is “frozen.” In other words, my organs are fused together with adhesions and can’t function properly. That means that my stomach can’t churn food like it should.

Because of these conditions, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can’t follow the usual rules of blogging. Sometimes I plan to post something but end up with a flare (aka a “flare-up”) and can’t do it until days later. I don’t use frame-worthy photographs because, frankly, I don’t have the energy to create them. The posts are short and to the point so that I can get recipes and information in front of you quickly and plainly, for both our sakes’.

Most importantly, I hope you see that I write from a place of victory. I’m not a victim of disease anymore. To get to where I am today, I wrote down everything I ate for 1 year. Everything. I noted what I ate, how it had been prepared, what was used in the recipe,  how my body reacted to it, and if I had a reaction to it, how long it took the reaction to clear my system. By learning to understand my food and how it impacted me I was empowered to have the life I love again. I was able to get off the couch get back to life in spite of the diseases. I can’t exercise because too much movement causes the fused organs to rub together and irritate each other, and that causes a flare. Still, since I changed the way I eat, I don’t have the pain I used to have and the number of sick days have been reduced considerably. Sometimes I get sidelined, but happily, I’m usually back in the game within 36 hours of the start of the flare.

About the Community

I encourage everyone, no matter what brought you here, to join our circle of friends on Facebook. Introduce yourself and connect with us because of the thing that connects us all: the desire to live well on a liquid-soft, paleo diet. You can also find us on Twitter and Pinterest, where you can pin your favorite recipes or posts.

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If I can do anything for you, or if you just need someone to talk to who speaks your language, email me at cathy@gentlepaleo.com.

We’re stronger together!

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